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Handling Palettes in Photoshop Elements

§ 1. From the Palette Bin, pull a palette by its title bar and drop it somewhere outside the Bin. Now the palette is "undocked", that is you can handle it as a window.

§ 2. Undock all the palettes and close the Bin. Now we have a Photoshop styled workspace.

§ 3. Very often, we need more space for editing an image. Press [TAB] key - all the undocked palettes disappear. Then press [TAB] again to get them back.

§ 4. While customizing your workspace do not be afraid of "spoiling" it. At any time you can return all the palettes to their original positions by pulling down "Window > Reset Palette Locations". Note though, this command doesn't open the Palette Bin.

§ 5. Different tasks require particular palette sets. To show the hidden palettes use the "Window" menu. For example, pull down "Window > Color Swatches" to display this palette.

§ 6. To dock a floating palette, drag it by its tab (not by the palette's title bar) and drop it onto the Palette Bin.

§ 7. When you close an undocked palette it may behave in 2 different ways. In case "Place in Palette Bin when Closed" option is selected in the palette menu, the closed palette just "ties up". To close an unused palette completely, deselect this option before closing the palette.

§ 8. If a palette is needed only occasionally, you can contract it within the Bin by clicking its "arrow" button. Now you can instantly access this palette by clicking the "arrow" again.

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