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Welcome to Photoshop Elements

Run Photoshop Elements. By default, it starts with the "Welcome Screen" allowing to choose your workspace.

§ 1. In our examples we will only use the editing layout. So let's begin with disabling the Welcome Screen and opening the "Full Edit" workspace, as it is shown in the movie to your right.

NB To enable the Welcome screen again, just pull down menu "Window > Welcome" and select "Start Up In: Welcome Screen".

§ 2. You can see this work area. Look around. There are traditional pull-down menus at the top and a few palette windows docked in the Palette Bin on the right side of the program window.

Now we have to learn how to customize our workspace. With the potential of using many tools on a single project, it becomes a requirement to know how to move, resize, hide and display palettes.

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