Selective Color

Let's see another method of color correction.

  1. Open a color image.
  2. Run the "Color and Tone" script and apply the "Selective Color" command.

    There appears a dialog box allowing you to remix colors for various color ranges.

  3. Although Photoshop Elements doesn't support CMYK mode, this tool relies on CMYK logic of color presentation.

  4. Choose the proper range from "Colors" menu. For example, to remove yellow cast, you select "Yellows".
  5. Move the sliders to adjust amount of cyan, magenta, yellow, and/or black process ink.

    For example, on the screenshot we fade the green color by reducing amount of yellow and cyan ink.

  6. Click "OK" to apply the changes.

If you need to modify the created adjustment layer's settings use Edit Adjustment Layer command.

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